VIP Adventure

With us you can master various adventures

Resort based Heli-Skiing / Boarding

December to April

We offer a wide choice of resort-based Heli-skiing and snow boarding, to some of the finest Heli drops right from the comfort of your resort! Whether it’s your first time considering Heli-skiing, or you’re an avid Heli-enthusiast, our experienced team can create the ultimate resort based VIP Heli-vacation!

Increasing in popularity is the combination of resort skiing with several days in the Heli! You can have all the benefits of a world class ski resort and the excitement of the pure back country wilderness, all within a short Heli ride!


April to June

When most of the northern hemisphere resorts are winding down, the Arctic is just getting started! From May to July we offer VIP Heli-skiing in the Arctic! 5 star lodges amongst the top locations in Alaska, Iceland & Greenland!

Southern Hemisphere Heli-skiing

July to September

Need to cool down in summer? We offer the finest Heli-skiing experiences in Chile and Argentina. Stay in South America’s top resorts or fly straight from Santiago each morning, to ski or ride epic powder in the Majestic Andes!